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5000 PLN

Course starts: 01.07.2019

Starts at: 5 PM Ends at: 8 PM from Monday to Friday every two weeks

  • Program delivers knowledge and experience for 4 months.
  • More than 120 hours stacinary plus 60 hours of online consultancy.
  • From Basic level.
  • Possible .
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Front end programming course

Programming Course Program Kraków

Front end technologies are the most important part of every internet application. Thanks to HTML and CSS we can design and implement specific solutions that make our application unusual. Usage of JavaScript technologies is the next step to make the application work better and fill up the data directly from database.
  • Step 1 - HTML / CSS, Bootstrap

    Lasts : 1 month

    We will teach you how to use basic technologies like: HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.

  • Step 2 - Javascript / jQuery

    Lasts : 1 month

    We will teach you write effective JavaScript code, so the applicattion you create can have great UX(user experience).

  • Step 3 - MVC / Angular

    Lasts : 1 month

    You will create your own web application thanks to the latests JabaScript framework and MVC technology.

  • Step 4 - C# - SQL

    Lasts : 1 month

    You will learn how to use more advanced programming technologies like C# and SQL.